Our favorite definition of a concierge is this: a person or persons charged with procuring special services, arranging unique events and extraordinary celebrations.  That's what we do for you!


From the simple to the complete - it's all in the details.  Whether a special bottle of wine, or catering for a crowd, let us procure, arrange and assist you for your cruising in the Pacific Northwest.  Then, when you get back, call us and we will unload and remove all vestiges of the time aboard and restore your boat to its pristine condition.


With operations in Seattle and Roche Harbor, we are everywhere you are cruising in the Pacific Northwest.


Text, call or email and we will meet you and your boat!


These services are a few of the things we do:


● Pre-cruise Preparation

● Post-cruise Detailing

● Provisioning

● Service Management



Want to know more?

Please give us a call at 425.327.8668 or send us an email at info@boatdetailnw.com



● Pre-sale Presentation Services

● Boat Watch & Line Check Services

● Entertainment Assistance

● Menu Planning & Meal Shopping

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